Why are these plants called Insectivorous Plants?

Why are these plants called Insectivorous Plants?

Insectivorous plants are plants that derive some or most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming animals, typically insects. These plants are also called carnivorous plants.
1. Venus Flytrap
Venus Flytrap catches its prey in a remarkable way. The outer ends of the leaves of the plant are divided into hinged halves, each half lined with stiff hairs. When an insect touches one of the hairs or lands on the leaf, having been attracted by its bright colour, the two halves of the leaf snap shut, the stiff hairs now acting like the bars of a cage. For the helpless victim there is no escape, and its fate is to be dissolved and digested by the plant.
2. Sundew
In the Sundew plants, the mucilage glands are borne at the end of long tentacles, which frequently grow fast enough in response to prey, to aid the trapping process. These plants are extremely cosmopolitan and are found on all continents except the Antarctic mainland.
3. Pitcher Plants
Pitcher plants have leaves shaped like long vases or pitchers with a lid partly covering the top. When an insect crawls inside the ‘vase’ attracted by its colour or sweet scent, it falls to the bottom. It is then unable to crawl out again because of the tiny scales which coat the inside of the vase and stick to its feet. Eventually the victim falls to the bottom of the plant and is dissolved by a watery digestive fluid.
4. Bladderworts
Bladderworts have sticky drops on the leaf surface and entangle their pray by sticking them on these droplets. The edge of the leaf curls over and the prey is then digested.

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