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Child Stars Before And After Drugs

Child Stars Before And After Drugs

1. Miley Cyrus
Despite starting out with a good girl image, Cyrus is another who appears to have longed to be seen as an adult. Racy film clips and reports of drug use and the like have tainted her image in the eyes of many parents.
2. Amanda Bynes
Byrnes became a household name through Nickelodeon and a string of films. She then seemed to go off the reals a little, at least in the public eye. She has been arrested for charges such as DUI and marijuana possession.
3. Britney Spears
If there is anyone that rivals Lohan and Culkin for a child star gone bad crown, it is Britney. Making the transition from sweet girl next door to shaven-headed supposed lunatic, Spears has had her problems dealing with the spotlight too.
4. Lindsay Lohan
Everyone is familiar with Lindsay Lohan and it is a shame that much of her notoriety is for the wrong reasons. Struggling to deal with a life lived in the spotlight, Lohan’s history with alcohol and drugs is well documented.
5. Jodie Sweetin
Sweetin is best known for her role on Full House as Stephanie Tanner. Once the show ended in 1995, she apparently turned to drugs she didn’t know what to do with herself and was quite simply bored. Thankfully she seems to have gotten her life back on track.
6. Macaulay Culkin
From the star of Home Alone to being buddies with the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, Culkin’s life has been anything but normal. And so I guess that dealing with his rise to fame with the escapism of drugs isn’t hard to understand.
7. Taylor Momsen
Born in 1993, this American actress and model is famous primarily for her work on Gossip Girl. Whether this bad girl image is as a result of drugs or an attempt to be seen as a grown up, she is notorious for being a girl gone bad.

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