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Actor & Actresses Who Are Aging Terribly

Actor & Actresses Who Are Aging Terribly

Hollywood is renowned not only because of the blockbuster movies and TV series but also because of their exquisite actors, actresses, musicians and popular personalities who have captured the hearts of the entire world. Glitz and glamour – surely, these stars are the epitome of good looks that many are envious about. Because of their demanding line of work, they usually incline themselves into several physical improvements to keep their youthfulness, elegance and grace. Unfortunately, as the cliché goes, “Beauty is not forever.” These celebrities have lost their captivating looks and some have even lost the spotlight as they grow old.

1. Lindsay Lohan
Okay, before anything else, we would just like to clarify that Lindsay isn’t 40ish or 50ish. In fact, she’s just 29. Unfortunately, her fame has drastically crashed after her DUI case which brought her to jail. The fresh, young and hot Mean Girl star now looks way old for her age. The culprit? Yeah, her unhealthy lifestyle – party, liquor and illegal drugs. Few years back after her rehabilitation treatment, she was interviewed by Oprah where she admitted that she was really into cocaine and Adderall, a medicine used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD.

And because of all these addiction, her appearance changed a lot. She honestly looks far beyond her actual age, making her one of our top celebrities who are aging horribly. If she fails to keep away from all these, she’d surely lose the limelight and her beauty will thoroughly wilt.

2. Meg Ryan
The most favorite leading lady during her time (no questions about that), Meg Ryan starred in different films – from romance to comedy. Her proficiency brought her to the pedestal and became the ideal girlfriend every teenage guys and bachelors have dreamt of. Luscious lips, perfect curves, golden locks – these are just among the traits that remind us how beautiful Meg Ryan used to be.

Unfortunately, something has gone terribly wrong – blame her for continuously improving her appearance through plastic surgery and other aesthetic treatments. Like other Hollywood stars, Meg turned out terribly different years after these treatments and improvements. What could have made her more beautiful has made her the way around. All these have changed her looks – her angelic face now looks too old with fine lines and uneven muscles.

3. Madonna
It is no surprise that Madonna, who still has a massive following, can still sell albums even in her fifties. While the Queen of Pop seems to be aging beautifully, her hands and feet say otherwise. She was spotted leaving an office building in New York not wearing any of her trademark gloves. What once was an iconic symbol for her has become practical as years went by. She makes use of fishnet gloves and closed shoes to hide the veins that betray her seemingly young looking face. The veins have been showing for long but it might be age and workout that worsened it. It is said that a woman’s hands age fast if she exposes her hands to hot or cold water after a workout; or even using the sauna or taking a shower. Maybe this is the cause why Madonna can no longer hide her age if she goes gloveless.

4. Rachel Zoe

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JANUARY 27: Stylist Rachel Zoe arrives at ELLE Women In Television event at Soho House on January 27, 2011 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for ELLE)
Rachel Zoe is a renowned A-list fashion stylist who has worked with Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway and Demi Moore. Unfortunately, we think she has missed thinking about her own wellness due to her busy schedule. Is it because of the stress? Probably. It changed her a lot, making her too skinny, resulting to protruding collarbone.

Although she chooses her clothing pretty well, she should learn to prioritize her appearance even better. She’s just on her early 40s yet she looked too old for her age. Hopefully, she’ll consider getting adequate rest and switching to a healthier and balanced diet. These could probably not make her young once again since the negative effects of stress has led her to her limit, but it could eventually make her fresh compared to what she currently looks. She’s a fashion stylist anyway, so she should be a very good role model not only to her clients but to everyone who look up on her.

5. Pamela Anderson
Playboy Magazine’s favorite model and sex symbol during the 90’s, Pamela Anderson was surely a one hot thing when she was younger. Now that she’s on late 40s, her beauty started to tumbledown because of wrinkles. And you know what? She’s proud of it! She does not deny the fact that she’s getting old.

The reason behind her changes are because of several reasons such as too much exposure to the sun due to her Baywatch project, stress since she had tons of project when she was younger, makeup as she had to wear it all the time, too much partying as she even admitted how she loved going out with friends, and many more. If there’s one thing she’s proud of, she never received a Botox treatment– something unusual as it has been pretty prevalent to celebrities who would like to improve their appearances.

6. Mickey Rourke
Handsome – yes, Mike Rourke was really a head turner when he was younger. Unfortunately, now he lost it as he is already 62. It could possibly because he was a boxer and he had gone through a lot of fight, which placed him in the pedestal apart from his acting career. He had also gone through plastic surgeries, not because he wanted to look young and fresh but because he wanted to fix the “mess” he got from being a boxer for several years. Regrettably, he went to the wrong guy. His face looked horrible after the procedure so he had to visit a much skilled doctor to fix what the previous doctor had given him.

In spite of what had happened to him, and well, even if he is aging horribly, he still gets offers! His upcoming movies this 2015 are Ashby, War Pigs, the Effects of Blunt Force Trauma and Skin Traffik. Previous projects include The Expendables, Iron Man 2, Sin City and the Wrestlers.

7. Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne
Vocalist, songwriter and television personality, Ozzy rose to stardom in 1970s as a member of Black Sabbath, a band that plays heavy metal music. You want to know the culprits behind his drastic aging? We bet you have a hunch! Like most of the celebrities on our list – DRUGS and SURGERIES! He took several types of drugs including heroin, cocaine, and sometimes cannabis and LSD. When he was younger, he was seen usually wasted after gigs – probably due to alcohol and drugs all at once. Now that you have reached this far, we hope you will realize how drugs will take a toll on you when you get older.

8. Macaulay Culkin
You have known Macaulay Culkin from his Home Alone movies but he is far from the jolly boy he once portrayed. Now aged 34, he is skinny to the point of skeletal. He looks a lot older than his actual age. His alabaster looks papery. He appears too skinny for someone who is able to afford food. To add to his air of vulnerability, his green eyes with blonde lashes seem to do just that. His deteriorating appearance seems to be a result of his addiction to heroin. He reportedly started with marijuana among a few friends way back. With the different groups he went with, he returns home with the smell of pot. It is also said that his addiction began when he split with his long-term girlfriend, Mila Kunis. After falling into some unwholesome company, the abuse has taken a toll on his health, appearance and total wellbeing.

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