7 Things to Make YOU Feel Special in 2017

7 Things to Make YOU Feel Special in 2017

In our fast-paced modern world, we often neglect ourselves. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and even depression.  This is not how we were meant to live. To keep our spirits high, we all need to do things to make ourselves feel special from time to time. Following is a list of 7 things that I am sure will have you feeling like the beautiful human being that you are:

  • Write a daily gratitude list

Writing a daily gratitude list to serve as a reminder that you have a lot going for you.

This can include listing people who make your life easier and more joyful, or things that you can’t live without. It really doesn’t matter if your list is mostly people or things; the key is just putting on paper positive things in your life to pick you up when the going gets rough. It is so easy to get in a rut or to think the worst about a situation and let this carry over to thinking our lives are not what they should be.

A gratitude list helps us remember how lucky and blessed we really are.

  • Smile more

Smiling even when you don’t feel happy has been scientifically proven to lift our moods and make us feel better. So why not look in the mirror and smile at yourself? This will help to wake up your inner happiness.

Don’t forget that smiling is contagious, so your smile will cause others to feel happy and smile as well. This will create an avalanche of positive feelings as the result of a simple gesture that anyone can do anytime.

  • Go to the park

Going for stroll in the park can increase our endorphins and create a positive mood. This doesn’t require a vigorous workout – just some light physical activity in the beautiful great outdoors to remind us of wonderful the gift of life is in this awesome world where we live.

  • Read!

Reading a book can take us to new worlds that we could not have otherwise imagined. This a great way to lift our spirits and escape from the rat race for a while to the realm of ideas. We all have times when we need to get away from it all, so reach for a book for some inspiration.

Even if you can’t quite get into reading, I find that simply going to a bookstore is therapeutic in itself. The organization, the fresh paper, ah it’s just so pretty!

  • Journal your thoughts

Keeping a journal is a great way to get your innermost thoughts on paper so that you can get in touch with your feelings and conquer your demons. It can also serve as a tool for reflecting on your successes and the steps you took to overcome the most difficult situations to inspire you on days where things just don’t seem to be going your way.

I also find that on bad days, going back and reading what I’ve written about on good days really cheers me up. It reminds me that my life is great, and that one bad day does not define my life.

  • Find what you’re passionate about

Indulging in your greatest passion – whether it is painting, cooking, writing, running, or something else. We each have something we just love to do and most of us don’t take the time to do it often enough. Taking time out to indulge in this simple pleasure will boost your mood and give you the energy you need to tackle all of the responsibilities in your life. So set aside a special time for this activity every day.  

Just 30 minutes to an hour of pure joy is all you need to recharge your batteries and rock your world.

  • Treat yourself to new clothes

Buying a New Outfit can make anyone feel special. Whether it’s a new exercise suit or something more formal, it’s important to reward yourself with clothes sometimes. This is a great way to showcase the progress of a diet and exercise routine or just a way to let you stand out for a special occasion or look great on an ordinary day.

If you’re going for exercising gear, don’t forget to spruce it up and get some of the best crossfit shoes on the market so you can work out with ease.

Feeling special is something that we all deserve, but many of us fail to recognize that it often takes a conscious effort on our part to achieve this.

Remember that you are your greatest asset and you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Life is a gift so make every moment count by practicing thoughtful self-care.

By – Evelyn Kail (

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