7 signs your job is ruining your marriage

7 signs your job is ruining your marriage

1. Put work priorities ahead of your relationship
If you find yourself opting out of activities you would normally engage in with your spouse, such as going to a movie, visiting friends or just enjoying time together, you could be placing undue pressure on the relationship.
2. You’re too tired from work to spend time with your spouse
If work is sucking all of your energy out of you, your partner will be affected and take note. This directly affect your relationship.
3. Argue more with your spouse
If you are carrying home stress with you from the office, then you may become more irritable and end up taking it out on your partner in totally unrelated areas. This may change you in angry man from a cool man.
4. Argue about new things
They're having communication problems
If there’s some sort of change to your work life — maybe a new role, a new boss, a new salary — and you’re suddenly fighting with your spouse about things you never argued about before, it’s probably no coincidence.
5. Spend little time with your spouse because you’re always busy with work
If you’re spending time at the office later at night or bringing work home with you more and more, then these things will likely cut into the personal time that you’d normally spend with your partner.
6. Arrive late to important personal events or frequently cancel because of work
If you stuck in your office works then you will sure miss your important personal events. This can create a slow build-up of resentment from your spouse.
7. spouse uses sarcasm to convey their true feelings
Your overtime work affect your children’s life. If your partner says things like “I wonder if the children will recognize you when you’re back from this trip?” then it may be a sign that they’re fed up.

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