7 Interesting Facts Of Macau

7 Interesting Facts Of Macau

Macau is the largest and 4,000 yea old natural beach. About 95% of the total population of Macau is Chinese.
Here are the 7 interesting facts of Macau:
1. Macau is the only place in China where gambling is allowed.
2. 50% of the residents of Macau are Buddhists.
3. Macau has a fast aging population i.e. by 2050, there will be 8 non-working residents for every 10 active workers.
4. Macau was ruled by the Portuguese for 442 years since 1887.
5. 50% of Macau’s revenue is from gambling and 20% of Macau’s people are employed by the casinos.
6. Macau is the first and last Asian country to remain a European colony with the Portuguese first arriving in 16th century and last Portuguese governor leaving in 1999.
7. Macau’s people have the second longest expected life span in the world at 84.43 as of today.

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