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7 Health Benefits of Eating Papaya

7 Health Benefits of Eating Papaya

Papaya is sweet in nature and have most important ingredients like vitamin c, vitamin A, oxidants, etc that makes our health healthy.
Here is some of the Health Benefits of Eating Papaya.
1. Wight Loss
papaya (1)
If you’re planning to lose weight, papaya is very effective fruit that you should take in your diet.
A medium sized papaya contains only 120 calories, so it is very light fruit. It also packed with a considerable amount of dietary fibre that aids weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness and controlling cravings.
2. Improve Immune System
Vitamin C and vitamin A present in papaya helps in boost your immune system and protect you from infections and diseases. A papaya can fulfill more than 200% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.
3. Good For Diabetics
Papayas are sweet in nature but are low in sugar content as well as glycemic index (60). This makes papayas excellent fruits for diabetics. The vitamins and phytonutrients present in them prevents development of heart disease in diabetes.
4. Good For Digestive System
Papaya contains a digestive enzyme known as papain along with fibre which helps improve your digestive health. So eating a papaya daily makes your digestion complete.
5. Helps In Hair Growth
The nutrients present in papaya help in hair loss, promote hair growth, prevent dandruff, etc. It also makes your skin healthy. Vitamin A in them is utilised in production of sebum, a compound that is crucial for keeping the hair smooth, shiny and moisturised.
6. Protect From Prostate Cancer
Papaya is rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids that prevent your cells from undergoing free radical damage. The Harvard School of Public Health’s Department showed the richness of beta carotene in papayas protected against prostate cancer and colon cancer growth.
7. Good For The Eyes
Papayas are rich in vitamin A and many other ingredients that are useful for our eyes. Vitamin A present in papaya prevents the development of age-related macular degeneration. It also increase the eyesight.

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