5 Must See Statues Of The World

5 Must See Statues Of The World

Statues represent sense of the greatest and oldest artifacts of the world.
See some of the greatest and oldest statues.
1. Statue of Liberty (New York)
The magnificent statue, since its creation has become an iconic symbol of freedom and democracy in America.
2. Christ The Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro)
An iconic statue of Jesus Christ with his arms wide open and head tilted down overlooking the harbor is a symbol of christianity and is considered the largest Art Deco Statue in the world.
3. The Thinker (Musee Rodin)
A bronze and marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin at the Musee Rodin in Paris, which depicts a man in deep meditation who is battling an internal struggle.
4. Colossus of Barletta (Barletta BT)
This statue at Olympia was created by Greek sculptor Phidias. The magnificent statue of the God of sky and thunder stands 43 feet tall and is made of ivory and gold-plated bronze.
5. The Venus de Milo (The Louvre)
This statue well known for her missing arms and lost plinth. It is a famous ancient Greek sculpture of whose experts believe to be Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

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