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15 things you didn’t know about Donald Trump

15 things you didn’t know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a real estate developer, mogul, and Republican Presidential Nominee. He is running for the 2016 Presidential election for America. Here are few things you might not know about the tycoon before he put his hat in the ring.

1. Palace Place – Trump owns a Mar-a-Lago, a 17-acre estate built in Palm beach in the 1920s by cereal heiress Marjorie Merrieweather Post. It has 12 fireplaces and nearly 60 bedrooms.
2. Measuring Up – When Trump Tower in NYC was completed in 2001, it became the tallest residential building in the world (it is 90 stories high).
3. Star Gazing – He has his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He received the honor back in 2007.
4. Family Man – Trump has five children : One with his current wife Melania (Baron,9), one with his second wife Marla Maples (Tiffany,21), and three with his first wife Ivana Trump (Eric, Ivanca, Donald Jr. age 31,33,37 respectively ).
5. Mr. President – It was rumored that Trump would run for president during the 2012 election cycle, but he shut down the elegations in May 2011.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Dominick Reuter TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RTX1GZCO
6. Game Night- A Trump-themed board game, Trump, the Game, was released in 2004.
7. $$$ – Trump has noted his net worth to be “substantially in excess” of his forbes assessment, which put it at $4.1 billion (he was ranked #405 on Forbes’ 2015 list of billionaires). That excess? Upwards of $4 billion. He claimed during his presidential bid announcement to have a net worth of nearly $9 billion.
8. Call me “The Donald” – Trump ‘s nicknames include DJT ( his middle name is John) and the aforementioned “The Donald”.
9. School Ties – The presidential candidate attended Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, from which he graduated in 1968 with a degree in Economics.
10. Lady love- Although having been married to wife Melania since 2005, Trump was rumored to have dated the late Anna Nicole Smith in the 90s, between his marriages to Ivana Trump and Marla Maples.
11. Bad Boy- Trump ‘s parents sent him away to military school (the New York Military Academy, to be exact) after getting into trouble so often throughout elementary school and Junior high, which he attended in Queens, NY.
US tycoon Donald Trump is set to receive an honorary degree in Aberdeen at the Robert Gordon University, an award which has divided opinion. Picture of Donald Trump Pic Ross Johnston / Newsline Scotland
12. Sports Fan – Jumping outside the real estate game, Trump purchase the New Jersey Generals football team (a part of the United States Football League ) in 1983, but the League shut down just a few years later following the 1985 season.
13. And the Oscar goes to… Trump appeared in the 1990 film Ghosts can’t do it, where he played himself. He later won the Worst Supporting Actor Razzie Award for the role.
14. Crowning Moment- Trump became the executive producer of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants in 1996.
15. Bet On It – In a bet known as the “Battle of Billionaires”, Trump made a challenge to WWE owner Vince McMahon. They both selected a wrestler to fight for them and the loser would have to shave his head. Trump’s selected wrestler won so Trump won the bet and Vince McMahon had to shave his head.

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