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10 facts you probably didnt know about zayn Malik

10 facts you probably didnt know about zayn Malik

Former member of One Direction’s Zayn Malik is super-hot and super-talented. We know that.
We also know that he was engaged to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards but he ended that relationship last August and is now dating Gigi Hadid, is a self-confessed terrible dancer and refers to himself as the ‘Bradford Badboi’, but what is it that we don’t know about the “Pillow Talk” singer?
1. First of all, his name is actually spelt Zain. Yep, just like the Lady Gaga’s and Katy Perry’s of the world, Zayn adopted a stage name…by changing just one letter. Does it make a difference? We don’t think so.
2. We first met the Zaynster on X Factor 2010, but he did originally apply for the 2009 series. It’s a good job that he held off auditioning for a year due to his nerves, because if he hadnt then who knows if 1D would have formed or not.
3. He once admitted that he loves to pose topless, but is a bit shy when it comes to completely stripping off. Which is a shame, really.
4. Zayn was named Best Dressed Male of 2014 by GQ magazine. Obviously, those turtlenecks worked a treat.
5. Zayn was the second most tattooed member of One Direction, racking up a collection of 34 bodily inkings. His most bizarre being one of Perrie Edwards on his arm.
6. He suffers from Aquaphobia – meaning he’s scared of open water, and also can’t swim. So, we won’t expect to see him on the next series of ITV diving show, Splash!
7. Some people used to say that all Zayn did as part of One Direction was sing. But, they are so wrong. Zayn can play the triangle. Put your guitar down Niall, and make some room for Zayn’s instrumentals.
8. Zayn’s all-time favourite song is Thriller by Michael Jackson. He’s also a big fan of rap and his favourite ever band is ‘N Sync. So, not much of a music taste trend there.
9. Although he’s from Bradford, Zayn is actually a Manchester United fan – Just like Harry and Louis.
10. He is a massive fan of comic books and used to collect them as a child. He confessed that it was a very ‘geeky’ thing to do.

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